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We recommend bathing your dog once a month to keep their skin and hair healthy, and to minimize shedding.

We use Iv San Bernard products.

Iv San Bernard just became the very first cosmetic/grooming aid product line to be certified by the Safe Pet Cosmetic program.

See below for more information. 

We select a shampoo and conditioner combination dependent on your dog's coat type to leave your dog squeaky clean, smelling great, and having a wonderfully soft coat.

All dogs are thoroughly dried and brushed before heading home.

Bathing also includes a nail trim.

We do NOT express anal glands as it should be performed by a veterinarian.


Every visit to Beulah Dog Grooming begins with a consultation with our certified groomer. Each aspect of your dog's hair cut will be discussed so that your dog leaves our salon looking just how you like him/her. Not sure what you want? Not a problem. Ellen will make recommendations based on  your dog's lifestyle, breed, age and coat.

A full groom includes a bath, blow out, bush out, haircut, and a nail trim.

We do NOT shave down double coated dogs, such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Aussie Shepherds, as it damages their coat and makes it so they cannot thermoregulate.

Want to give your dog that little extra to stand out? We offer tail/ear dying and nail painting to show the diva within!

We also offer a Tidy-up package for dogs that just need a trim on their face, feet and sanitary areas in addition to bathing and a nail trim.

Nail Trimming

Nails that are too long can cause your dog's feet to be out of alignment, interrupt the flow of energy, cause discomfort, damage their tendons and ligaments, and affect your dog's health. It is important that you keep your dog's nails the right length with regular monthly trims.

At Beulah Dog Grooming you can drop in any time for a nail trim. No appointment necessary.

We also offer nail dremeling to smooth off those sharp edges, great for saving your wood floors, furniture and being scratched by your dog.

Nail trimming is $10

Nail trim and dremel is $16

We are excited to use Iv San Bernard products on your furbabies, and here's why!

Iv San Bernard just became the very first cosmetic/grooming aid product line to be certified by the Safe Pet Cosmetic program. Europe, like the USA, lacks regulation to protect our pets against products that are not only of poor quality, but can also be unsafe. We are super excited about this certification because our clients can be confident that we are using safe products that benefit the health of pets as certified by a third party.

The Safe Pet Cosmetics program was created by cosmetologists and veterinarians in conjunction with the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum of the University of Bologna. In the USA, we find that people are constantly asking for products that are "all natural", "holistic", or "organic". These terms are great for marketing, but they are not defined. The FDA says these terms do not guarantee any level of safety as many toxins and poisons can also meet these classifications. In reality, what people want is to feel they are using products that will not harm their pets. This program has two different industries (the cosmetology and veterinary industry) evaluating the safety of pet cosmetic products. This program works to meet, and follow, the more stringent regulations of the human cosmetics field and provide a credible certification to those products that meet their standards.

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